To offer a singularity level of trust in the ever-growing world of Internet-based information sharing, where a person’s identity and the digital transaction become one.


To exceed our client’s expectations in the identification of their needs and the implementation of solutions that enable secure information sharing and integrity of their IT operations.

About Us

Fusion 1 Enterprises is an information technology solutions provider specializing in security and privacy protection. Our team has over twenty years of professional experience in the IT and Information Security industry in Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Fusion 1 Enterprises has designed and developed a series of proprietary IT technologies to address and meet a variety of compliance regulations required by U.S. Federal Government and international standards. We focus our offering to highly regulated markets, such as healthcare, financial services, and education as well a government. We offer a unique suite of IT solutions focused mainly on Security Services & Compliance, Id Management & Security Solutions, and Secure Software Development.

Our services are meant to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in our client’s digital transactions, and ensure secure access, storage, and sharing of information. We do this by implementing solutions such as: identity management with Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA), secure information storage and sharing, and logical and physical security systems.

We recognize that each client has unique regulatory compliance needs, and thus we tailor our services to these very particular conditions, enabling specific responses that address, meet, and exceed our client’s expectations while ensuring the cost-effectiveness of our service provision and product implementation.


We are a diverse group of computer scientists, including former Department of Defense, telecommunications and information systems and security professionals, who bring together years of experience, technical expertise, and regulatory understanding, all of which allows us to help our clients protect and manage their digital transactions. With over twenty years of professional experience in information security technologies for Identity Management and Identity Theft Prevention, as well as customized information technology solutions, our team members carry professional certifications in security and multiple network and development technologies. In addition, beyond these common traits, it is our passion for software development what makes us together a world-class team. At Fusion 1 Enterprises we embrace and implement the security industry’s best practices and methodologies in our software development. Our technical team is supported by a strong administrative team with ample experience in finance, legal, and other business aspects.