Security Services and Compliance

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Security Assessment

Understanding the security of your businesses will increase your awareness of your vulnerabilities, and allow you to build a solutions roadmap to address them successfully. Our reporting approach is focused on this roadmap. It is both a management tool and a technical document, with complete descriptions of how our recommended solutions may allow you to improve security controls that reduce vulnerabilities and risk exposure. Our assessment includes recommendations on policy creation and documentation, and on certification and accreditation for compliance.

Risk Assessment

In parallel to our security assessment, we analyze if and how you plan, implement, and monitor policy-established controls designed to protect your system. This practice ensures preventive actions, which, in most cases allows us to validate your businesses compliance with ever changing security criteria, all of which is documented and reported.

Penetration Testing

Think of this as a stress test to your system. It is a deliberate attack to identify weaknesses that may potentially allow unauthorized access to your system and manipulation of your data, both of which may have a negative effect on your business operations. The testing results serve as a basis for recommended solutions.

Certification & Accreditation Lifecycle

This allows our clients to apply secure information management structure to achieve and maintain their required level of compliance. Our solutions can assist towards compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, and FISMA

Secure Transaction Engineering

Privacy protection is an inherent requirement of electronic transactions. We have the capabilities to customize secure transactions between all involved parties: the product/service provider, the organization requesting the service, and the customer who owns the data.

Network Engineering

Our team designs and implements computer networks by selecting best practices and regulatory standards as a baseline for the appropriate network engineering components and configure them to meet client needs as well as applicable regulation controls.